Art on Accessories

Original Photography Printed Accessories

When nature meets fashion-
Beautiful travel bags, totes and more. Nature photography comes to life in  this collection of accessories by Staci Doucett.
​Original photography shot in coastal Florida, Wild Nature Designs offers something for every wild wanderer. Whether it's a fierce alligator close up or a delicate snowy egret, you will find a special piece for the fashionista in you.

As a photographer I'm amazed by the beauty I see every day whether in the woods or on the beach. My focus is on wildlife, I want my work to convey a message or a mood, to make you laugh or perhaps instill a bit of fear - to be memorable.

 Technology today offers so many options when it comes to printing on fabric or other materials. Last year I was thrilled to discover I could print my photographs not only on canvas but on tote bags, handbags - even high heeled shoes. The choices were overwhelming.

I decided to begin with accessories and see where that would take me. the journey has been exciting and I'm thrilled to now offer my first collections with more to follow.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me, I can customize a piece to fit your imagination.

Staci Doucett
Nature Photographer